Recap of Research Objective → 🧪 Research Objective

The goal is to understand how people navigate online resources to grow in their expertise and career. We’re not talking about courses or certifications, but expert shared resources on LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, free books, online templates, webinars, etc. We seek to understand how do they compile this information in a way they can gain value from it and how can we make this process easier so they have a clear continuous learning path in their field.

Breaking Down the Research

This quick research was done with both interviews and a survey. The idea behind this is to use the survey as quantitative data that will prove the hypothesis and supplement that with more insightful feedback that can be attained via interviews.


<aside> ❓ Professionals using online platforms, such as LinkedIn, Medium, and Quora, to consume educational and helpful articles and posts, do not have a way to organize this information in an order that creates a reasonable learning path. There is a lack of resources to take articles found in these platforms and fit them into a stage in the learning path for a new professional field.


Research Results

Interviews - Qualitative Data Review

Two interviews were conducted to gather more insights from the target user types. Each of the sections below represent a common theme in the experience of each of the interviewees and an overall takeaway from their answers.

Each section will include bullet points with common pain areas experienced between the two interviewees.

Quick Insights

<aside> 💡 Althought through different experiences, both interviewees lack a clear path to finding useful learning material online in an efficient way. Neither expressed having a clear and concise methodology for taking advantage of the resources available online.


<aside> 💡 Both interviewees expressed difficulty in organizing their resources with a learning roadmap in mind, considering their stage in the field and what topic precedes another.


Finding Useful Articles